Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading Co.Ltd.
Name:Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading Co.Ltd.
About Us
Established in November 2015, Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading Co.Ltd. was authorized to set up by Zhejiang Jinjiang Group, which operates the bulk commodity domestic and international trading business among non-ferrous metals and chemical industries. Our domestic trade involves inorganic chemistry, basic chemistry as chlor alkali, non-ferrous metals and minerals. Our export business lines including plastic additives and water treatment chemicals, etc. Availing the support of the related products resources of Guangxi Tiandong Jinjiang Circular Economy Industrial Park and wide sales network of distribution, the company has been satisfying numerous clients with our quality products. Company develops extensively business cooperation with the industries by the concept of respons..
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